Drunk Tank Pink 1 @ Vivid Bra

Drunk Tank Pink 1 @ Vivid Bra

Exhibited @
Vivid Bra | 88 East Broadway Mall | New York February, 2016 | Group Exhibition

"A pink rhombus sits empty and a little forlorn inside a shopping mall under the Manhattan Bridge, the ‘Vivid Bra’ moniker on its glass façade and its dusty pink walls hinting at its last inhabitants. An alternative to the white cube, this little fold in the fabric of the city is inextricable from its environment: the bustle of the mall, the thrum of the street, and the reverberations of the bridge overhead are all felt here.

 Invited artists respond to this pink slice in time and space as the curious room waits for its next tenant. Some have altered or interacted with its form, while others engage with its past and future. The presence of the body permeates throughout. As an experiment in the manipulative properties of color and architecture, Nanu Al-Hamad has changed the faded shade of the walls to Baker-Miller Pink, a tone considered to have such a sedating effect on people that it is used in drunk tanks, detainment cells, and visiting-team locker rooms.

Curated By: Helena Anrather